Aspect of the Moment Horoscope 10/25/2015


Sunday, 25 Oct 2015 at 11:05 PM

MERCURY Conjunct MERCURY (0.5 degree) – MERCURY at 18 LIB 30
You are mentally sharp and alert now. Your curiosity is aroused
regarding new ideas, unfamiliar facts and interesting concepts.
Objectivity is strong and your thinking is not colored by emotional
biases. Travel is likely.

MERCURY Sextile PLUTO (1.0 degree) – MERCURY at 18 LIB 30
Your powers of perception are very sharp. You can go right to the
heart of the matter with the skill of a competent surgeon. You might
want to play detective today and ferret out some of nature’s secrets.
You long for a deeper understanding of things and have the skill today
to do so. Share your discoveries with others. Conversations with
others may profoundly affect your thinking.


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