Aspect of the Moment Horoscope 11/3/2015


Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015 at 08:57 PM

SUN Square MARS (1.8 degree) – SUN at 11 SCO 27
You are full of it today, high energy, force of will, and a dislike of
any restraint. Slow down a little so you don’t go flying off the
handle. Physical, mental, and verbal confrontations are likely today,
so stay in control. Don’t speed today as the police may be watching
you. Don’t stay out in the sun too long. Your will is tested today
and the universe wants to see if you can keep your head. As they say,
“Don’t have a cow.” Ego conflicts and selfishness are today’s problem

SUN Sextile SATURN (0.7 degree) – SUN at 11 SCO 27
Self-discipline, organizing ability, and stamina are the order of the
day. You are methodical, systematic and can make much progress today
simply by rolling up your shirt sleeves and getting to work. People
above you are likely to notice your efficient efforts and reward for
your hard work will be imminent. Constructive ambition, patience,
practical insights, and maturity are the keywords today.

MERCURY Trine URANUS (1.7 degree) – MERCURY at 03 SCO 11
Your thinking today is ingenious, original, clever, sharp, and
magnetic. Electricity is in your head and probably the rest of your
body. You are full of nervous energy, but it is the type that can help
you accomplish more. New and exciting opportunities may come about
today through travel, conversations with others, or through new
reading material. Go exploring.


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