Aspect of the Moment Horoscope 10/13/2015


Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015 at 10:30 PM

SUN Conjunct MERCURY (1.6 degree) – SUN at 20 LIB 36
You may feel like expressing yourself today through your thoughts and
words. You feel a need to be heard, that you have something of
importance to say. Say what is on your mind, but give equal time to
others and listen to them. You might learn something new. Your
thinking today should be sharp and focused.

SUN Square JUPITER (1.8 degree) – SUN at 20 LIB 36
Today will be one of optimism and self-confidence. Your only danger is
in becoming over-confident. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
Watch the tendency towards self-aggrandizement, false pride, and over-
indulgence in food and drink. Don’t overspend, as you are likely to
feel extravagant today.

MERCURY Conjunct MOON (0.9 degree) – MERCURY at 02 LIB 45
You will probably be expressing yourself emotionally today. If you are
feeling upset, you may find difficulty in communicating with others if
they don’t share your mood. However, if you are feeling tranquil, you
will be a very good listener because you will be able to empathize.
Your focus is on those things that you share in common with others,
such as your shared background and interests.

VENUS Sextile URANUS (0.1 degree) – VENUS at 04 VIR 44
Unusual, exciting, and unexpected business, social or romantic
opportunities can occur now. You are charming, sparkling, witty, and
others want you in their company. You exude a certain magnetism that
draws people closer to you. Unusual ideas or ways to make money may
surface now. You feel free and are happy to be alive. There is a sense
of electricity running through you and you feel as if anything could
happen. Intuition is strong. Go with it.

MARS Conjunct SATURN (0.2 degree) – MARS at 11 VIR 56
You may feel frustration today in that it seems that your energies are
being blocked by the world’s limitations. Do not let this aggravate
you or there will be a price to pay. Try to remember that much good
can come about by blending the discipline and controlled nature of
Saturn with the actions and energies of Mars. This is a good time to
get organized and get down to serious business. Tackle something
you’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Saturn’s staying power and
the energy of Mars can help you see the job through. Watch out for
bumps and bruises today, as you may be more susceptible to falls and
accidents. Do not try to force things today and be patient.
Impatience against restraint can be your downfall. Try to find the
good if you feel something or someone is trying to hold you back. It
might be in your best interest.

JUPITER Conjunct SATURN (1.4 degree) – JUPITER at 13 VIR 30
You are serious minded and industrious with concern for long range
goals and purposes. You feel a need to combine growth and expansion
with prudence and good management. Make your practical affairs conform
to your philosophic ideals. You exhibit sound financial management.
This is a great time to handle all your business and legal affairs.
Grow within your present boundaries.


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